Carpal Tunnel & Wrist Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where the median nerve which travels through the wrist is being compressed, causing pain and numbness in the hand.  The median nerve, or carpal tunnel, contains a bundle of tendons that control finger movement.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome stems from prolonged repetitive use of this nerve.

There are many helpful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome remedies. While some medical professionals suggest surgery to remove the pressure on the nerves, more conservative and less invasive and painful options are available.  Treatment by the Chiropractors at Back to Basics may involve joint manipulation or mobilization, massage, stretching, trigger point therapy, splinting, rehabilitative exercises, ice, and heat.

Splinting of the wrists is common for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, to stabilize the wrist and prevent further damage from excessive movement.  While this can provide relief to symptoms, it can occasionally result in the wrist muscles becoming weak and lazy.  A chiropractor can monitor the progress of any splinting, and recommend alternative treatments if splinting is not the preferred option.  Behavior modification may be necessary, and advice can be given by your chiropractor as to how to implement changes in your work and daily life.  Paying attention to proper ergonomic principles and posture can also help overcome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Our office can also provide low level laser therapy (LLLT) which is very effective at calming nerve pain and relieving chronic muscle pain.  We can combine LLLT with additional treatments such as Chiropractic adjustments, specialized exercise programs, massage, traction, and nutritional supplements.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist pain, call us for an evaluation appointment to see what chiropractic can do for you.