Medx Lower Back – Lumbar Therapy

We are proud to be able to provide our clients who have lower back
or lumbar problems with state-of-the-art lumbar strength machine from MedX.

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MedX is recognized as the Gold Standard for treating and reducing chronic back pain and dysfunction through specific spinal strengthening. Over the last 15 years, the Universities of Florida and San Diego, along with various orthopedic clinics around the world, have published some of the most compelling research to date. This research shows that specific spinal strengthening exercises using the MedX Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines help people get better, even after multiple failed attempts at other forms of treatment.

MedX Lumbar Core Strength Machine

The MedX Lumbar Strength machine has the following key attributes:

  • Patented, effective pelvic restraint system that keeps gluteus and hamstring muscles from interfering with the targeted exercise area.

  • Provides isolation of the lumbar spine muscles, increases stability and allows specific, intensive strengthening.

  • Regular use may help prevent injuries, remedy chronic back pain and contribute to disc hydration.

Primary Low Back and Lumbar Treatment Goals

  • Increase isometric strength through the range of motion.

    • Reduce the flexion-extension strength ratio (flatten curve).

    • Remove abnormalities in the strength curve related to functional weakness.

  • Increase dynamic strength and endurance with:

    • Absolute workload.

    • Time-under-load (using a weight load equivalent to an initial training session).

  • Increase range of motion.

  • Decrease subjective rating of pain.

  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion.

  • Improve functional activities of daily living.


Watch the MedX video. Click on the picture below.

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MedX Lumbar Strength Machine

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Medx Lumbar Strength Video