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 Dr. Kelemen has retired as of October 1, 2020.

Patients are being referred to Dr. Jess Soria, DC at the Cerritos Pain Center

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The Value of Chiropractic and What We Can Do For YOU

We are just starting to create this website and we want to be able to give you more detailed information about the value of chiropractic and how we can help you to improve the quality of your life.

In the coming weeks or months we will have an informative article placed here that will help you understand how chiropractic treatments can relieve pain, improve general health, and keep your body flexible and in motion.

Chiropractic treatments can also complement what your M.D. or D.O. is doing for you with certain types of chronic diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciatis, and more, in addition to back pain from the nature of life, slips and falls, sprains and strains, auto accidents, and workman’s compensation claims.   The vertebrae in the spine contain the nerves that service every organ and part of the body.  If your vertebrae are blocking nerve signals to certain organs or body parts, they may not be performing 100% for you.

Your health is important to us.  We have over 27 years of experience helping people like you to improve the quality of their lives.  Give us a call to make an appointment of a evaluation consultation. 

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Cerritos Chiropractic Blogs

Spring Cleaning and Your Back

April 12th, 2014

It is that time of year when people dust the corners and break out the ladder for spring cleaning. But many people are unaware of the potential risk of injury that may occur as the result of spring cleaning. Thousands of injuries occur with the use of gardening tools every year. Many more injuries occur as the result of handling a ladder improperly. Often the key to avoid spring cleaning injuries is to know your limits. It’s easy and tempting to take on more spring cleaning chores than your body can accommodate. So be sure to take breaks throughout. Another important idea is to stretch before spring cleaning. A little stretching can go a long way to prevent pulling a muscle. To learn more, continue reading to avoid spring cleaning injuries.

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Holiday Decorating and Your Back

December 17th, 2010

A Careful Climb

(From State Farm Good Neighbor Magazine December 2010)

Holiday DecoratingWhether it’s cleaning gutters or hanging holiday decorations, your ladder gets a lot of use in the fall and winter. Here’s how you can maintain safety while working on it.

If your ladder has been in storage, look for loose, damaged or missing hardware before using it.

If it’s a wood ladder also check for cracks and rot. Always place the ladder’s base on even ground and use a 4:1 ratio when determining ladder placement.

For every 4 feet of the ladder’s vertical height, the base of the ladder should be an additional foot away from the wall. Ladders come in aluminum, wood and fiberglass. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but if you are working near electricity, avoid aluminum as it is a conductor.

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Holiday Gift Wrapping and Your Back

December 17th, 2010

Proper gift wrapping techniques to minimize back pain.

Potential Problems for Your Back

The main thing you want to avoid is wrapping a present while sitting on the floor.   Wrapping presents requires a good deal of space and the floor is usually one of the first things to avoid.  Avoid it at all costs!

Kneeling or sitting on the same plane the wrapping is taking place on causes you to bend a lot.   And you typically have to stretch and hold the bent position for extended periods of time. This puts a great deal of stress on the neck and low back.

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Summer Sports and Your Back

June 25th, 2010

Summer Time Sports

It’s summertime and the days are warmer and longer.  Hopefully, this motivates you to get out and get some additional exercise – softball, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, golf, volleyball, surfing, swimming, or another one of your favorite sports.

Whatever sport you participate in, preventing summertime sports injuries depends upon being in good condition, or at the least, performing proper stretching/warm-up before participating.  It’s a good idea to develop and maintain a year-round workout routine that includes the stretching and strengthening of your muscles to keep your body and back ready for action.  When your body is not in condition and cannot move easily and safely with adequate range of motion, your back becomes more vulnerable.

Here are some reminders and suggestions for preventing sports injuries.

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